Ease on Down the Road (Day Five–the Home Stretch)

Got started at 5 a.m. Monday because I knew I had a medical procedure sometime that day in Iowa City and couldn’t remember what time I’d set the appointment. I also really wanted to avoid the morning rush hour in Indianapolis that, combined with all of the eternally ongoing road construction, was a fate I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Made excellent time through Indiana and Illinois. Reached Iowa City at 10:30 (got an hour back crossing into Illinois). Called the hospital and learned I had nearly three hours before my appointment, so I spent the time getting both me and the RB cleaned up and then had some lunch. At the appointment, the doctor told me that while the growth on my face appeared benign, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to remove it. So, after a shot of Novocaine, the doctor took less than 30 seconds to do the deed. Awaiting confirmation of his diagnosis from the pathologist next week.

Had a voice lesson right afterwards. If–at this point–you are still questioning my sanity, you should question it no further. I have, indeed, lost it!! I stood in my voice teacher’s studio and sang the Rachmaninoff Vocalise!!! Only my teacher can tell you how good–or bad–it was, and I will accede to his assessment.

The final 60-mile stretch of the drive home was pretty uneventful. It was an appropriate coincidence that the playlist I’d created for the trip had finally cycled through to the end. So, I was able to end as I’d began–with Chicago shaking the RB’s windows!!

Once I got into town, I was too hyper to go directly home, so I decided to take in the newly released Harry Potter movie, the final one in series. How I stayed awake through the whole thing is an unknown to me. In fact, I’m only more surprised that I managed to get up Tuesday morning and make it to work by 8:15!! (Note: I paid the price for it on Wednesday, though.)

This is the route: http://mapq.st/osrn1L.


When I pulled into my driveway at 8:55 p.m. Monday night, RB’s trip mileage read 5789.9 miles since I’d left on this thirteen-day adventure to Canada. A lot of highs, a few lows, but overall a trip I’m thankful to have made and filled with memories I want to keep always.

I realized that I neglected a couple of critical parts of my journey. First, I need to acknowledge the musicians and their songs that helped me focus on my driving throughout my journey. So, I’m going back and posting links to a song that I recall most strongly from each day’s playlist.

This day’s song is Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” I am a huge fan of The Bodyguard, so there was no question that there was an obsession session on this song.

Most importantly, of course, I thank the Lord for granting me the stamina to make the trip, the damn good reflexes to steer the RB as she needed to be guided, and the ability to enjoy His handiwork as it whizzed by my windshield.

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