A Presidential Visit… Sort of

When I visited Little Rock in 2016, I had to settle for a drive-by of the Clinton Presidential Library.  So, when Gerry told me he planned to drive to Little Rock to visit the library, I jumped at the opportunity to finally see it.

We got an early start on Tuesday morning with the thought of reaching town after its morning rush hour and with the hope that the library wouldn’t be crowded. Our timing was excellent.  Other than a busload of seniors, the attendance seemed light. We saw the replica of the Oval Office and the limo on loan from the Secret Service. The library had also just opened an exhibition of American crafts the Clintons had commissioned back in 1993.

We also saw a series of displays profiling many of the programs developed or continued by the Clinton administration, celebrities and leaders of the era, the replica of the cabinet meeting room, and, of course, a video of President Clinton’s inauguration and of him explaining his life choice to go into politics.

The rest of the pictures are available on my Flickr page.

Gerry also hadn’t visited Little Rock Central High School, which I did visit in 2016, so we drove by so he could see it.  Although this historical high school is part of the US Parks Service, it is still an active educational institution, so we didn’t try to go inside, nor was Gerry interested in going inside the visitors’ center across the street.

The drive back to Hot Springs was uneventful.  We had dinner at Appleby’s, and I watched most of the baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and my Atlanta Braves, whom I never get to see on TV in Iowa.

Day five of the vacation was already over!  Dang!!



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