On the Road (Day Three)

Took the Ohio Coastal Trail on the way to Oberlin in the hope I’d get to see something interesting along the way.  The only thing that got my attention was the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant.  I don’t think I’ve ever been that close to one before.

Spent most of the afternoon doing research at the Oberlin Conservatory’s music library.  They have a beautiful goldfish pond outside the building, where I ate lunch and enjoyed the fish.  Found a number of scores by Margaret Bonds, R. Nathaniel Dett, William Grant Still, Edward Boatner, and Wiliams Arms Fisher that I didn’t have.

Got to Erie, Pennsylvania, in the early evening and found the campus identified on the Web as connected with the H. T. Burleigh collection.  However, as I suspected, it was too late to find anyone around to ask about it.  So, checked into my home for the night.  Decided it was too nice an evening to settle in so soon.  Drove down to the wharf and had a “famous” Smith’s hotdog dinner by the water.

The day’s route:  http://mapq.st/mPOkFT


Going to bed early tonight in the hope of getting an early start tomorrow.  Finally going to spend the entire day playing tourist.  Just hope the warm, clear weather continues to hold up.

I realized that I neglected a couple of critical parts of my journey. First, I need to acknowledge the musicians and their songs that helped me focus on my driving throughout my journey. So, I’m going back and posting links to a song that I recall most strongly from each day’s playlist.

This day’s song is James Brown’s “Doing It to Death.” I’ve had so many obsession sessions over this song, I believe I’ve worn a groove into its CD.

Most importantly, of course, I thank the Lord for granting me the stamina to make the trip, the damn good reflexes to steer the RB as she needed to be guided, and the ability to enjoy His handiwork as it whizzed by my windshield.

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