Call Me Crazy, But…

I am planning to attend the 2024 Association of Recorded Sound Collections conference to receive an award for my book, Recorded Solo Concert Spirituals, 1916-2022. The conference is in St. Paul, Minnesota, so I want to take advantage of the opportunity to get some of the national parks–especially Glacier in Montana. The current proposal is mapped below:

The route is available at and includes a final stop at Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. I’ve previously visited those celebrating the administrations of Herbert Hoover, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, and Bill Clinton. Still keeping an eye out for the opening of Barack Obama’s.

A few days later,…

I completely rerouted my trip. I learned that there is a major balloon festival at Mesa Verde National Park in early October, so I cut out all of the southwestern stops and created a new map that adds a third visit to Yellowstone:


The route is available at

I’ll post the trip as it actually works out.



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