Random Thoughts

Yosemite on Fire!!

In 2014, I had the thrilling opportunity to drive through the northwestern United States, a tale shared in pictures and words on my old The Singin’ One on the Road blog. Though time was running short at that point in my trip, I made it my business to stop at the Yosemite National Park. I took the bus tour of […]

Taking a moment to Check a List

This page claims to have the perfect road trip to see the most sites in the continental United States: http://shareably.net/perfect-road-trip-map-v1.com  Well, my journeys have been far more circuitous over the years, but seeing the list has inspired me to compile form it a list of places I have not visited for future consideration. Here goes: 2. Bryce Canyon National Park, […]

Historical Destruction

One of the last posts I posted on my Iowa?!? travel blog was a recounting of my trips last May to the six Bridges of Madison County–yes, the ones upon which the book and 1995 movie were based.  In Part one, I wrote about my first stop, which was to the iconic Cedar Bridge.  It was the only one still […]