Readying for the Road (Two Weeks to Go)

Greetings! Still two weeks before I leave, and there seems to be so much to do!!

I got my new GPS last Monday and am quickly learning to make it work the way I want it to do. I’ve also gotten both my AAA and AARP memberships up-to-date so that I can take advantage of any travel services the two provide. Last night, I updated my playlists of nearly 8 GBs of R&B, Rock, Jazz and more. That should be enough to keep me musically occupied the entire trip.

This week–starting tonight, I need to finally put all of my thoughts about the symposium presentation down on paper and begin gathering any books, scores, equipment and other resources I think I will need to take for that presentation. If I can do this now, perhaps I will have enough time to weed out stuff that isn’t needed and be less inclined to leave something critical–or even not so critical–behind.

Next week, the focus will be on getting the Red Barron ready to go. She needs to be cleaned out, especially the trunk, and taken to the dealership for oil change, tire rotation, and overall road prep.

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