A New Normal? Prepping to Get Back on the Road

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. Real life has been REAL for everyone!

I’ve limited most of my interactions to virtual events, but I do owe a post or two about the trip to the NATS workshop in Tennessee in October 2021, so I’ll try to get to it after I finish my latest updates to my second book manuscript.

In the meantime, I’m going to make another attempt to return to Utah (see http://singin1.com/utah-ho/). Crossing fingers that I can pull it off. The Four Corners have re-opened to the public, so that’s on the itinerary, too.

Two things more. One, gas price are really up there ($4.20/gal here as of this post). I’m hoping they will be lower in the southwest. And, I’ve made updates to my travel playlist, including creating one of my favorite pop tunes that are replayed sometimes for hours or even days. I’ll have that cued up for those stretches when there’s nothing to see but miles of highway.

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