Home, Home from the Range

The night’s storm died away, but that Tuesday morning afterwards began still cloudy and was the coolest of the extended holiday weekend. Fortunately, it wasn’t so cool that I changed my mind about visiting Evans Plunge Mineral Springs in Hot Springs.  I entered the small town around 7:30 a.m. and was able to get enough of a Wi-fi signal from […]

A Day in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Memorial Day started partly sunny and cooler after the heavy thunderstorms of the night before. The forecast was for more stormy weather; the question was whether it would come during the day or later in the evening. The down side of a mostly outdoors activity is that one is affected by weather conditions.  Fortunately, the sun came out, and daylight […]

Oh, the Rocks and the Mountains

Ten years ago, I decided to bypass the Badlands National Park.  Bad decision, but fortunately, I had the opportunity to see it this time. The route along I-90 regularly passes by several South Dakota historical sites.  I made a quick drive through of this one:   I got off to an early Sunday morning start because I know popular national […]

… And We’re Off!

First of all, let me say that the weather was gorgeous!  I’d been looking at the forecast all week, but I’ve been in the Midwest long enough now to not completely trust it to match up with reality.  The reality, as it worked out, was even warmer than I expected for Memorial Day weekend, almost like the weather I’d expect […]

The More Things Change…

A lot has happened since I last posted.  Most significantly, my mother passed away in March, and I admit I’m still touchy about her loss.  Still, I’m very grateful we had the last chances we got to spend time together, including the drive through North Carolina to see the Outer Banks last July. As for the plans I mentioned in […]

Black Hills Revisit

It’s hard to believe that next summer marks the ten year anniversary of my first big trip since I moved to Iowa “four score and seven years ago.”  So, instead of making the Utah national parks trip I missed last summer, I’ve decided to retrace most of the route one of my nieces and I took to the Black Hills […]

Yosemite on Fire!!

In 2014, I had the thrilling opportunity to drive through the northwestern United States, a tale shared in pictures and words on my old The Singin’ One on the Road blog. Though time was running short at that point in my trip, I made it my business to stop at the Yosemite National Park. I took the bus tour of […]

Smoky Mountain High

It’s been a while since I’ve visited my home state of North Carolina because the family has tended to gather in Washington, DC, for the Christmas holidays these past several years.  And I had many reasons to look forward to this return visit. First order of business was a stop at Great Smoky Mountains National Park on my drive from […]

Utah, Ho?!?

Since I moved out here, I’ve tried to take advantage of the opportunities to see the western half of the United States.  I traveled through Utah with my mother just four years ago, but we only had time to visit Salt Lake City and Zion National Park.  The following year, I took RB onto the Salt Flats International Speedway as […]