Day 9: Heading South(west)

Map of day nine travel

Sunday morning. Before leaving the Portland area, I went to a Missouri Synod Lutheran church to worship. On one hand, it was wonderful to be able to sing very familiar hymns and to be able to sing as I have been unable to do in a while. On the other, it was a curious thing to watch the minister, who clearly was leading a more contemporary version of the standard service, give a sermon based on very conservative beliefs–ones I guess I’ll never reconcile with my fellow Missouri Synod Lutherans.

Still, folks were very gracious and welcoming. One lady even tried to recruit me for the choir until I told her I was only in town for the day.

Sunday is not a good day for sightseeing. Most things are closed. By this point, it was nearly noon, so I decided to head south towards my next major objective: Redwood National Park. If it was as large as the other parks, I wanted to be there early to see as much as I could.

Traffic out of Portland was very heavy–seems everyone else was leaving, too.  Had dinner in Eugene, then pressed onward.  I made it about 250 miles before calling it an evening.  I was still 80 miles away from Redwood, but RB needed servicing, and I found a shop in the town where I was.  I’d get things taken care of when the shop opened Monday morning.

Gotta take care of RB.  She breaks down, and I’m screwed.

loudmusicMusic for the Trip

Since I love all the music I selected for this playlist, it’s hard to say one or two portions are stronger than others.  However, if there are any, the S’s and T’s would certainly be candidates.  Driving through Oregon, I was pleased to bask in the sweet sounds of Sam Cooke, Santana, Sade, Simon and Garfunkle, Selena, Sly and the Family Stone, Solomon Burke, The Spinners, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Sting and The Staple Singers.

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