Readying to Go (More the Weekend Before)

Well, got a little packing done. Then, decided to go on a little ride. (Strange I’d want to do that considering the coming trip, but I do enjoy driving.) With no destination in mind, I ended up at a nearby state park. For some reason, I’d never visited it before today.

Beautiful site. While I was parked within a few feet of a lake, a truckload of men got out and started tossing floating objects into the lake for their pair of dogs to retrieve. Looked like a great way to cool off.

As I was driving back, I noticed how green the hills looked with all the corn coming up around the whole area. (You may now insert your favorite corn joke here.)

The first time I drove into the state (yep, the moving van and I crossed the country from the D.C. metro area), I found two things rather remarkable. First, that the Mississippi River wasn’t much to see at the point I crossed it, and second, Iowa is not a flat, treeless prairie.

Took these pictures on the way back from the park. They show corn and soybeans growing on undulating hills. If you’ve never eaten Iowa sweet corn, deprive yourself no longer. With just butter, no salt.

Okay, back to packing.

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