Readying to Go!!

Well, I finally understand why some say they need a vacation from their vacation!

The RB is cleaned out. With what had to be at least 50lbs of books, music, etc., gone from the trunk, I’ll be curious what her gas mileage will be. If only *I* could healthily shed 50lbs that easily!

Looked at the weather forecast for St. John’s, and it appears that they’re calling for rain and cooler temps pretty much the entire time. Just as I’d guessed, the wardrobe for that part of Canada will have to be very different from the warmer, drier climes I hope I’ll find along the way. Nice thing about driving, though, is that I can pack more liberally than if I was flying.

Around 3 a.m. this morning, I finished recreating my driving music playlist. With nearly 10 GBs–from Scott Joplin to Janis Joplin, Glenn Miller to 50 Cent–I’ll be rockin’, rollin’, and gettin’ down all the way!!

Yesterday, we had a little bit of rain. Went to work and cleared my desk so that folks would have a fighting chance of finding anything that might be needed in my absence. As I was leaving, saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky that I wanted to share.

Somewhere Under Rainbow 003
Somewhere Under Rainbow 002

Notice that there’s been no mention of the paper yet? As was said in Amadeus, it’s all in my noodle. Unfortunately, I’m not a Mozart, so I spend the rest of today building on the framework that has been done. The bibliography has to be finished so that it can be copied before I leave town.

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