Summer Plans: A Little Work… And a Lot of Star Trek

Last3-ST50mapStarting to formulate plans for summer vacation.  First, RB and I can take a fairly leisurely ride through Arkansas, Mississippi–with potentially a brief stopover in New Orleans, and Alabama, which would finally give me the last three contiguous states I need.  Visit some Civil Rights historical sites, add a little research,… and hey, if I can get in a performance and/or lecture, so much the better.

Then, into Florida to visit friends in Tallytown and attend the 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in Miami.  Final stop on the way back, get in a site I recently missed.

Only about 3,700 miles driving distance–2,000 less than RB and I covered in the same time frame in 2014!

Sounds like a plan.  And a busy two weeks.



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