AAASA Conference Day 2-3

Friday and Saturday were packed with lectures and performances. Rather than going to a lot of detail, I’m making the program available

I’ve attached a number of pictures of presenters. It has been wonderful to meet many of the names I’ve encountered over Facebook and via email.

Rehearsed with the pianist who will accompany me at tomorrow’s spirituals concert.  We are performing Margaret Bonds’ Five Creek-Freedmen Spirituals. While part of the cycle has been published over the last several years, the cycle hasn’t been available in its entirety since first published in 1946.

Leaving the concert of music by Robert Owens Saturday afternoon, my hotel roomie and I stepped on the hotel shuttle to find the group onboard sitting stunned and frantically searching their handheld wireless resources to learn more about the announced death of Whitney Houston. It has overshadowed everything, taking over news reports.


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