Another Update… Just a Couple of Minor Changes…

… Really, they are!

Two scenic drives that add very little to the trip distance overall, but add to the overall variety of the trip as a whole.

Map5First, the town of Burlington, Iowa, boasts that its Snake Alley rivals Lombard Street in San Francisco for its twists and turns.  We will only need a slight detour leaving Riverside to get there.  How can I possibly miss out out on the opportunity to take RB down it?

And we’ll be too close to the Everglades National Park in Florida not to visit.   There is the Loop Road Scenic Drive, which promises to provide a very good view of the variety of flora and fauna in the Everglades.  And all from the comfort of RB!  So glad I got the dash cam to capture it all!

The great thing, too, is that this doesn’t add much to the total driving distance.  As for time,…

That might be a different question.  We’ll see how it goes.  But then, that is one of the fun, spontaneous parts of the adventure!


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