Singin1 on the Move


The scheduled date for my next journey is coming soon.  I’ve got the opportunity to video record a lot of this trip, which has several scenic routes along the way.  I want to be able to share at least some of them on the blog.

Unfortunately, my free account on WordPress doesn’t allow me to post sound or video clips without upgrading, plus I’m reaching my limit of photos I can post at this level.  So, since I already have space where I can host a domain with WordPress features, I’ve decided to do that, rather than upgrade here.


With that in mind, I’ve registered the domain, and I will begin posting there as soon as the site is accessible.

The blog posts already here will remain for the foreseeable future (or until I figure out how to move them).

Thanks to everyone who is following my exploits as singer/lecturer, researcher, and road traveler.

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