ST-Last 3 States, Summer 2016

Bama Bound

Before I get started, let me get this out of the way.  Family, you may again say, “Told you so!”  This is my first extended trip using my smartphone, which allows me to access the Internet and provide a hotspot for my laptop without being dependent on finding an outside wi-fi source.  Very convenient (but cheap, it ain’t). Moving on…. […]

The Singin’ Trekker on the Road!

I did a re-assessment of the trip and decided to delay departure until Tuesday and reverse the direction of my route. This would mean missing Trekfest, but with a four-day convention on the schedule and the possibility of attending another year, I could work with this idea. So,… I spent a relaxed 3-day weekend in Grinnell. RB’s mileage hit 137K […]

Nashville!! And Other Pre-Departure Random Thoughts

I looked at the detailed route–a 122-page TripTik, btw–for my scheduled trip and noticed that the return takes me through Nashville, Tennessee.  I’d visited Memphis in the past–both as a conference attendee and as a tourist, but I’ve never entered Country music’s center. So, with a quick check of Tripadvisor, I discovered that the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum […]

A Close Call and a New Site

Howdy, Y’all!! This is my first post under, which succeeds both my Singin1 on the Road and Iowa?!? travel blogs. My proposed route for the upcoming Southeastern United States trip almost swung widely to the west when I thought I might finally have a chance to strike The Alamo off my travel bucket list.  However, driving to San Antonio […]