Greetings from Denver!!

Got into Denver about 9:15 p.m. MDT. Pushed to get in with enough time to get (for me) a full night’s sleep before attending tomorrow’s conference activities.

Glad my mother’s flying in to meet me here rather than in Iowa because I made the drive with only one 15-minute stop once I left Des Moines–where the hair stylist did an herculean job of bringing my hair under control–and I wouldn’t have put her through that. The trip included an extremely heavy rain with winds strong enough that even I decided I needed to slow down. Just hope most of that rain took out the fires ravaging Colorado.

Speaking of flying, RB and I were pleasantly surprised to see the speed limit from west of Omaha into the Denver suburbs rise to 75 mph. Except for the aforementioned rain and the many construction sites, we made very good time, shaving over 30 minutes off the anticipated travel time.

This was the route:

61313 Route-Grinnell to Denver

Approaching Denver was surprising. I’ve flown in several times but never drove. Was expecting to get to do some mountain driving, but not yet. Got a nice sunset view, though.

Really looking forward to attending the conference tomorrow.

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