Where the H*ll Is Grinnell?

Tuesday seemed to be a continuation of Monday’s mishaps when the GPS mis-directed me to a wildlife site about 30 miles west of Omaha. Looked interesting, but I had a ticket for the zoo and was already going to cut the visit short. On the way, I passed a gas station with a sign that made me laugh, so…

Finally got to the zoo and very quickly realized that a two-hour drive-by wouldn’t be enough. Started with buildings closest to the entry then took advantage of the sky ride, train, and tram services to see as much of the park and its denizens as possible.

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Saved my favorite for last. I love aquariums!!

After the zoo closed at 5:00, decided to get dinner rather than subject myself to rush-hour traffic. One last fill-up of RB–gas was 16 cents-per-gallon less than the best prices along the route through Iowa.

Pulled into the driveway at my place at just after 10 p.m. Ten states in thirteen days, driving 4427.6 miles.

What a ride!! Thank you, Dear Lord, for a safe and enjoyable journey!

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