Stretching for Home

Got up really bright and really early Sunday morning and took Momma to the airport. Sad to see her go, but the long drive was more wearing than expected for her. After she left, I realized she was not the only one worn out. So, Sunday, I camped out in a motel room and caught up on my blog entries and my sleep. Thought this was the safest thing I could do for myself and for those who would be sharing the road with me.

On Monday, when I finally got out, I could see the roof of the Cowboys Stadium from the motel parking lot. I’d reserved a room in Omaha, Nebraska, with a stop each in Oklahoma and Kansas. Wanted to visit museums, but Monday tends to be closing day for most museums. So, recalling that I had not had the opportunity to take a picture standing on the Cowboys star when I did the tour last year, I decided to take a chance that I would be allowed to do so this time. Unfortunately, the PTB said I’d have to pay to take the tour again to get the picture. Time just didn’t permit this.


As it worked out, this was the beginning of a rather disappointing day. The Native American shop in Oklahoma was closed on Mondays, and the botanical gardens I tried to visit in Wichita, Kansas, had just closed when I arrived. Took a few pictures of the outside displays and wished I hadn’t missed those inside.

Arrived in Omaha around 11:30 p.m. Rather tired but looking forward to the morrow and the expected conclusion of this journey.

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