Two Pilgrimages for the Price of One


Momma and I got off to an early start on Saturday. Although the drive from Las Cruces to Dallas certainly could be completed with plenty of time to spare, I didn’t want to take any chances that we wouldn’t arrive in time for Momma’s early flight the next morning. Plus, I wanted to make a brief detour to Roswell. After all, as a Star Trek fan, it somehow seemed wrong to be that close and not make pilgrimage there. No pictures, though, because I didn’t see anything other than another small town. However, I did get the unpleasant surprise of having to go through another checkpoint after leaving town, where both my mother and I had to announce that we were American citizens before we were allowed to continue onward.


As we neared the Dallas area, I again told Momma about touring the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. She mentioned that she would like to see it and hoped to do so before it became too dark to really see it. And thus, a new pilgrimage to the site of our favorite football team. We didn’t make it before dark, but that didn’t stop us from taking a few pictures of the building.

It was getting late. Despite the fact that we had purchased earlier fast food to eat once we’d settled for the night, I offered to take Momma to dinner at a sit down restaurant. I explained that it would be a farewell dinner before she was scheduled to leave the next morning. However, what I didn’t say was that I realized that the day marked what would have been my parents’ 54th wedding anniversary. I’ve always tried to do something special on their anniversary, and this hasn’t changed just because my father is no longer with us.

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