Back to Boone, And the Arboretum (Sort of), Too

Sorry, but my transitioning back to the East Coast has caused me to fall behind with my posting here. This is the first of three posts that will have to serve as placeholders until I can find time to catch up. Only this one will be published in the meantime with references to all three trips.

First, I revisited Boone’s train station and visited the museum. The pictures are available at:



The second trip was for what I currently believe my final full concert performance for the Sisters of St. Francis in Dubuque, Iowa. The photos are available at:



And third, what turned into an absolutely horrible trip to Gateway National Park in St. Louis. It’s my hope that by the time I post my experience, I will have more positive thoughts about it. In the meantime, the pictures are available at:



For now, the move is progressing. If I take pictures worth sharing, I will.

BTW, when I retired, I had to quickly spend monies I had put into my flex spend account. So, I decided it was time to retire Have Wheels-Will Travel after many years of great service to my mother and then to me. The next set of pictures will likely include Have Wheels-Will Travel Too.

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