Day 7: From Olympia towards Rainier

Map of day seven travel

Got off to a later-than-usual start.  What the heck, I’m on vacation, aren’t I?!

Any way, I decided to try to get in two national parks that day since both were near the Seattle area (greedy state–four national parks?!?).  Really, the plan was to see one and complete the drive to the other so I could have all of the next day there.

I made it to the outskirts of Olympic National Park and after chatting with the ranger at the visitor center, I realized there was no way I could do more than a cursory visit of the beach area on the park’s outer edge and still make the drive to Rainier that day.  So, RB and I drove to Ocean City and a couple of other beaches.

We had journeyed 2451 miles to see the Pacific Ocean.  I didn’t get out, though.  The air that afternoon was quite chilly, and my flu/bronchitis was too fresh a memory to chance its return.

There were a few people walking the beaches, but no one braved what had to be some damned cold water.  I’m not much of a beach person, but if I go, I want temps to be in the 80s, or at least warm enough to go swimming.

One person–I’m guessing a guy–wanted into the water so badly he drove his truck down the beach shallows.  I assured RB I am not so stupid as to risk flooding her engines nor exposing her to more salt than she already gets during Iowa winter driving.

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Driving towards Mt. Rainier actually took us back towards Tacoma at first.  We made it to the outskirts of the park before I called it a night.

loudmusicMusic for the Trip

My playlist reached the P’s, and boy, was there a plethora of prominent performers to entertain me along the road.  Prince, Parliament, Paul McCartney, Peter Paul and Mary, Patti LaBelle, Paul Simon, Patrice Rushen, Percy Sledge, Pointer Sisters, Peaches and Herb,…

Then we hit the Q’s and got Queen Latifah and Queen.

The R’s were just starting when we pulled over for the evening.


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