May Flowers… and Transitions

I haven’t posted recently because, other than visiting family over the Christmas holidays, I’ve relied on virtual interactions. This has also been due to living at my home computer writing my second book. It’s taken over a decade to research and compile contents for the project–actually, I took four years away from that project to write and get So You Want to Sing Spirituals published. However, I finally got the final edits and indexing to the publisher in March. As I write this post, I’m approximately six weeks away from getting the hot-off-the-presses book in my hands.

If all goes as I hope, this hovering around the homestead should change in May. In addition to the book release on the 18th, I’m scheduled to present at the annual conference of the Association of Recorded Sound Collections in Pittsburgh that very weekend (perfect timing, IMO–which never humble).

In fact, if all goes as planned, I expect it to be an extremely busy two weeks. I’ve got a ticket to hear soprano Renee Fleming give a recital in Chicago and do some serious research at the Oberlin Conservatory library. I might even sneak in on my niece in Detroit along the way. From there, I expect to spend a week in the DMV home hunting, touching bases with family and friends, and doing some sightseeing before the masses arrive during Memorial Day weekend.

The home-hunting reference means what you think. I’ve put up with my 18th and last winter in Iowa and missing my family and decided it’s time to head back East. I will miss the friends I’ve made here, but I won’t miss the snow and the below zero degrees temperatures.

I keep jumping from the fantasy of setting up my base of operations in my hometown but traveling more often than not (“Anybody heard from Aunt Randye lately?” “Got a postcard from her in (fill in the location)”) and the more realistic direction of being closer to immediate family by settling in the Washington, DC, area.  One never knows what direction the winds of life will blow you. That’s how I ended up in Iowa in the first place.

If you got some bright ideas, let me know.

I’m also hoping to get in one more national parks excursion while I’m still in the Midwest. I’ve heard so much about Glacier National… hmmmm…..

Anyway, probably won’t post again until after the conference travel starts.

Keep cool (or cold if you’re in Iowa)!


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