Miami Beach

I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy….

Like every other day in Miami Beach, the 4th of July started as a warm and sunny morning. I began gathering my things so that I could vacate the room I’d been using the four days while in town. Wimbledon men’s tennis was playing in the background, of course. Since I didn’t plan to go to Day 4 of Supercon […]

These Are the Voyages-Florida Supercon (Day 1)

I woke up early and got dressed for the day.  Even though I’ve attended several all-Star Trek conventions in the past, I’ve not attended a Supercon.  I knew my decision to wear Star Trek-themed t-shirts was a minimalist approach for an attendee at a this type of convention, but I am not into the all out costuming.  I don’t even […]

The Art of Driving, Florida Edition

I got out early Thursday morning, but there seemed to be one delay after another along the way.  Plus, I didn’t account for finally crossing from CDT to EDT, losing another hour.  One delay was my fault.  My original plan was to drive past Tallahassee (Tallytown) heading south and to stay there overnight on my way back.  Well, Floridians seem […]