These Are the Voyages-Florida Supercon (Day 1)

I woke up early and got dressed for the day.  Even though I’ve attended several all-Star Trek conventions in the past, I’ve not attended a Supercon.  I knew my decision to wear Star Trek-themed t-shirts was a minimalist approach for an attendee at a this type of convention, but I am not into the all out costuming.  I don’t even own a set of Vulcan ears!

The day started with a thunderstorm, but by the time I was ready to leave, all that remained was a bunch of big water puddles.  Gave RB a break and used Uber to get to the hall because it would be cheaper (I hoped), and it’s hard to beat curbside service.  Below are a few shots at the hall entrance:

There were folks who clearly put a lot of work into their costumes, most of which I didn’t recognize, but I’ll bet one of my brothers or one of my nieces would have known the anime-based ones.

I pretty much wandered until the two ST guests were scheduled to talk that afternoon.  They were Rene Auberjonois, from Deep Space Nine (Odo) and Star Trek VI (Adm. West), and Denise Crosby, from Star Trek: The Next Generation (Tasha Yar).  Both shared interesting tidbits.

Saturday and Sunday are the main events, in fact, I got an email that Saturday’s already sold out.  More later.


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