Missing Mississippi?

MississippiI read with great disappointment that Mississippi had just passed a law that goes out of its way to discriminate against the LGBTQ community.  Added to the state’s ongoing issues with racial discrimination, I can’t see myself giving even tacit approval of this decision by playing tourist there.  It might be only a few hundred dollars–not even a drop in the bucket–but I will protest Mississippi’s action even if only in this small way.  I will miss the opportunity to experience the food, culture and history of the state, but I can’t support a state that would go out of its way to so disenfranchise its own citizens. With Mississippi’s history, it should know better than that.

Since my trip is not scheduled to begin for a bit of time, I will hold off rerouting my trip in the hope that they will have changed this unfortunate law  before I have to commit to a route.  If not, I will plan to gas RB up just before I cross the line into Mississippi and keep driving until I leave the state.

(And, yes, as a native North Carolinian, I do recognize that one could call me out on this one.  However, I haven’t been a registered voter there in decades and didn’t vote for (nor decide not to vote against) any of the idiots holding office there presently.  I’ll figure out what to do about my home state if their awful law is still on the books by the time I next visit.  In fairness, though,…)

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