Rocky Mountain Rendez-vous

We got off to an early start in the hope of seeing some Utah before leaving the state. Since we were already so close to the Great Salt Lake, we decided to pay it a visit. The gift shop was just opening when we arrived, and the lake area was pretty much occupied only by flying insects–lots of flying insects that made us decide not to get out and explore. It was impossible to tell whether the intense aroma was coming from the water or from nearby industry.

The salesperson in the gift shop (the building with the golden domes on top) had time to give us lots of information about the lake since we were her first customers for the day.



Time was short since we wanted to be in Las Vegas before very late due a very early start on Wednesday. So, we drove into Salt Lake City to visit the Mormon Temple. I’d have loved to hear the daily organ recital scheduled for noon or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform, but we got some interesting pictures of the center.

Utah has several national parks, so we visited the Zion National Park, which was directly on the route between Salt Lake City and Vegas. Lots to see, lots of pictures, lots of challenging hairpin turns to drive through the mountains. Only problem was that we had to backtrack entirely through the park to get back to the road to Vegas.

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One of the things I noticed was the placement of a gigantic “B” on the side of a mountain slope. A “C” was on another slope earlier. I have not yet discovered why they are there.

After eating a picnic dinner in a local park near Zion, we finished the trip to Vegas. The entry to the uptown casino-hotel where we stayed turned out to be quite an obstacle course that made our late arrival even later. I’m not a fan of casinos, so my take on the situation might have been biased.


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