Arizona, Take off Your Rainbow Shades

After some thought to visiting Death Valley and London Bridge in Nevada, we decided to head East, beginning to work our way back. Over the past week, the journey had taken us into Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. Still, a lot to see and a long way to drive, and time is running short.

We drove to see Hoover Dam to get a better view of the facilities and Lake Mead than we had on the tourbus yesterday. Unfortunately, we could not find the way to get a picture of the front of the dam, but got several pictures of the lake and the back area.

As we go, I continue to find the changes in the terrain fascinating. And the temperatures are far more reminiscent of my Southern roots than the much cooler climes of Iowa.

Making it as far as Phoenix, we realized the goal of Roswell, New Mexico, for the day wasn’t going to happen. So we found a motel for the evening and settled into a very nice room for the night. Actually got to see most of Game 7 of the NBA Finals (GO HEAT!!).


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