At the Symposium (Day 1 Pt. 2)

To say I woke up tired would be an understatement.  I’d set the alarm for 6 a.m. in a useless exercise.  Between that and managing to rehearse with the pianist, I missed the morning sessions.  The afternoon ones were primarily geared to choral music, so I’m afraid I didn’t get much out of them.  Hopefully, I’ll have lots interesting to report about tomorrow’s (beyond the obvious).

I’ve now been on the east coast three days and hadn’t had a single bit of fresh seafood.  From what I was told, today’s 72-degree temperature was especially warm and sunny for this area.  So–impulsively and without even going back to my room to change, jumped into RB and took someone’s directions to a restaurant called Ches’s.  It has been in business since 1951 and very popular around here.  Boy, was their famed fish and chips wonderful!!

Could see the Atlantic Ocean near Ches’s, so after dinner, started driving in that direction.  Found first the wharf and eventually made it to Signal Hill, the site reputed to be where Marconi’s first wireless transatlantic signal was received in 1901.  The lady who took my picture then spent about 30 minutes giving me a history of the area.

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Cabot Tower is the square building seen clearly in two shots (a third–the first with the “Signal Hill” sign–is in the background to the left).  There was also a cathedral on the way that caught my eye and houses that reminded me very much of those I’ve seen on other seasides.  The area is nothing but a succession of very steep hills.  I don’t know how well they compare to those in San Francisco, but they made quite an impression on me as I drove up and down them.  There are pictures of the ocean and how the hills seem to appear right at its edge.  And there are pictures of the town laid out from the heights of Signal Hill.

As I walked towards the overhead where the ocean disappeared into the horizon, I could only walk slowly towards it in wonderment.  God’s Hand formed that sight, and I had the chance to see His handiwork.  Of course, the honking of the car that wanted me to move a bit faster broke the mood momentarily.  Only downside was that it was extremely windy and I had a continuous battle going to maintain my modesty.

Lost cellphone signal sometime ago. Even roaming is not an option. Fortunately, my mother and I have been able to talk to one another using Skype. She worries about me for some reason. What can I say? I worry about her, too.

Must stop now.  My presentation is tomorrow, and I still have some work to do on it.

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