Day 13: Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

After a great night’s sleep Wednesday, I got up, packed, and bade Dan farewell.  I had some time before I was scheduled to meet two of my “California cousins,” so I took RB back to Fort Point in the hope the fog would have lifted from the San Francisco Bay so I could get a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It had lifted enough to get a few pictures of the base of the bridge and its surroundings:

Unfortunately, the plan to meet my cousins fell through, so I began my trek east.  The route through San Fran took me close enough to the Haight Ashbury district that I was able to briefly detour.  The neighborhood is best known as a focal point for the American counterculture that arose in the late 1960s, including 1967’s “Summer of Love.”  Even today, the shops there still seem to take on that “hippie” feel.

After spending three days in San Francisco, I found myself spending the day in nearby Oakland.

loudmusicMusic for the Trip

The first half of the T’s finished and transitioned to the second half.  The California and British Invasion groups were mostly (but not completely) supplanted by the Motown Sound.  The groups in this part of the playlist included The… Delfonics, Doors, Everly Brothers, Isley Brothers, Mamas and the Papas, O’Jays, Platters, Police, Stylistics, Supremes, Temptations, Who….

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