Days 11/12: The (Foggy) Streets of San Francisco

Tuesday turned out to be a recovery day.  I didn’t even make it to see the San Francisco Opera’s production of “Show Boat,” which was a disappointment because I was looking forward to meeting several people backstage after the performance.

Wednesday, however, my host–a gentleman named Dan–and I did some sightseeing around town.  I actually let him drive RB–something only my parents had done before this–and my teeth were gritting the entire time.  We started at the Presidio and made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Yes, hidden amongst the fog is the infamous bridge, as well as Alcatraz.  If you squint your eyes ju-u-ust right….

Dan, who loves to grill, prepped a lunch of brats, stuffed chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes and mushrooms for us.  Yum!!  I’d not had grilled mushrooms before, but I must do so again.  Even the carrots, of which I’m not a fan, were delicious when grilled.

Later in the afternoon, when the fog had cleared in the area where Dan lives, I drove RB (no, I didn’t let Dan behind the wheel again) to Point Front in the hope that the fog had lifted there, too.  On the contrary, it was worse than it had been earlier.   Even the outlines visible earlier aren’t there.  Enjoy the fog.

I also made it to the Fisherman’s Wharf and Lombard Street, as well as other parts of town.  The hilly streets really are as steep as they seem to be on television.  RB’s brakes got quite a workout.

There are three pictures of the current cablecar–they don’t look like the iconic one, do they?  Too bad!

Will make one last attempt to capture the bridge tomorrow before I begin my trek back east.

loudmusicMusic for the Trip

Driving around San Francisco, I couldn’t help but appreciate the coincidence of my playlist running songs by groups like The Beach Boys and The Fifth Dimension, both of whom came out of California.  Yet, they were counterbalanced by British Invasion groups The Beatles, The Byrds and The Rolling Stones.

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