Headin’ Home

Left (mostly) sunny California early this morning and flew into Dallas–will be back in Dallas in two days, but that will be a new series of posts. Once again, my theory holds that the longer the layover, the closer the arrival and departure gates. In less than ten minutes, the airport skylift delivered me one gate away from my departure point, leaving me nearly three hours until my flight to Cedar Rapids.

Upon arrival, it was clear that I would immediately need to put on the heavy winter coat I’d left in my car (along with my e-book reader, which I truly missed). Spent several minutes cleaning the freshly fallen snow off of the Red Barron. By then, it was getting dark, so I rode down the interstate at a leisurely 65 mph.

Just as I approached my exit, I saw the flashing lights of the state police on the side of highway. They were cleaning up an accident just beyond the exit. Thank God I’d slowed down even more than usual because the moment I entered the exit ramp, RB went into a skid. No problem straightening her out, but if we’d been going faster, I’m not so sure we would have fared so well.

Sitting cozy and warm at my computer. Gotta unpack and then repack. My current plan is to leave for Dallas at about 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. Just hoping the weather will be better by then.

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