These Are the Voyages–Florida Supercon (Day 3)

I thought I had more time to get to the convention hall than I did, so I watched Serena kick butt on the tennis court at Wimbledon.  Then, I wanted to kick myself when I discovered that I’d missed Chase Masterson’s Q&A because she is reputed to good for an interesting tidbit or two of dirt.  I did make the session with Michael Dorn.  He was hilarious and very attentive of the questioners, except a couple who tried to take pictures while he was answering their questions.  Even then, however, he posed for pix after he finished answering.  He sounds very different in person than his “Worf” voice, so the audience applauded appreciatively when he switched to it upon request.

I stayed a little bit afterwards to hear part of the Q&A session with Bruce Boxleitner.

While wandering while waiting for the afternoon session I wanted to attend, I also listened in on a session about using i-phone for film making.  The presenters made some interesting suggestions for inexpensive ways of obtaining apps, equipment and services.

Then, there was a fun session called, “Supercon Jeopardy: Star Trek Edition,” with three audience members who “answered (or not) in the form of a question” clues about episodes of the different ST shows.  (BTW, I was one of two people in the room who knew who Zarabeth was.

The last ST session I attended was presented by a woman who demonstrated various alien makeovers.  She passed out “grocery lists” of items one can use as well as cautions about some things not to do, especially taking care about contact lens and skin products.  If you look hard enough, you can see her applying makeup for a Trill, and another person displayed makeup of Lokai, a character from the original series episode, “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.”

There was a social in honor of the ST anniversary, but I decided not to go.  BTW, below is the shirt I wore that day and a picture of the program and ticket for the supercon.





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