Yosemite on Fire!!

In 2014, I had the thrilling opportunity to drive through the northwestern United States, a tale shared in pictures and words on my old The Singin’ One on the Road blog. Though time was running short at that point in my trip, I made it my business to stop at the Yosemite National Park.

I took the bus tour of the park, which was not terribly crowded because it was early June and the public schools were still in session, and drove RB up to Glacier Point. Although I had only spent a few hours there, the park became my favorite of all those I’ve visited over the years.

So, it was distressing to hear that the park is on fire. The Park Service has updated information on its site, and regional newspapers are reporting it along with other California summer blazes.
The site below is also posting news and images from the fire:

Yosemite National Park, CA is on Fire | Highway 41 & Glacier Point Rd. CLOSED

(View this .pdf file if the link doesn’t work)

Reports suggest the fires were not the results of arson, and I’m glad to know that no human got the idea to destroy such a beautiful site. However, a fire in a major national park would normally have made national news, but these are not normal times. The arrival and damaging impact of Hurricane Harvey to Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas–as well as the misadventures of the current president of the United States–have driven stories like this off the front pages of newspapers outside the park’s region. I only learned about the fire because I happened to read a story in the New York Times online version about the darker history of Yosemite.

Most of the park is open, but visitors are advised to limit their outdoor activities even in those open areas because of the smoky air conditions. Since this is the Labor Day weekend, I’m sure there are a lot of people who either decided not to visit Yosemite or who have found their plans significantly affected.

My prayers for the safety of those fighting the fires, and my hopes that all will be well again soon.

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